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27-year-old Davaoeño OFW, excited to start a new journey as an International Student in Australia

Dubai—Just this February 9, 2021, a 27-year-old Overseas Filipino Worker in Dubai received a letter from the Australian government, granting his application to become an International Student in Brisbane with the help of the leading Immigration firm in Dubai, The Visa Center.

The recipient of the granted visa, Jurick, who hails from Davao, Philippines shared how his past struggles of looking for better job opportunities lead to his decision to move to Australia.

Humble beginnings

At an early age of 18, Jurick stepped up and worked while studying to provide for his family while meeting his educational needs.

“Working at night and studying at day, it’s not easy. I struggled a lot. However, every time I think about my future and dreams, it motivates me to work hard and be eager to achieve it,” shared Jurick during an interview with The Visa Center.

Right after graduating from college, Jurick focused on securing a job that will help him uplift his family from poverty. However, he met several circumstances even in our country.

I struggled looking for jobs in the Philippines, where standards, resume and backgrounds matters. So, I decided to go abroad and look for my luck here in UAE.”

The OFW Realization

Jurick has worked in the events industry as a sales person. According to him, for the past 6 years that he has worked in UAE, he had a realization that changed how he viewed the future.

“Working here in UAE for 6 years straight is not easy. I’m looking for something that will satisfy my ambitions and dreams. So I thought, I need to find ways where I can benefit more and showcase my talents more, and be me,” said Jurick.

He then realized his dream of living in a diverse and multicultural country. According to The Visa Center, one of the best study destinations for international students is Australia.

The Australian Dream

“Practically speaking, Australia has a lot to offer to us,” said Jurick.

Citing the benefits of an international student, the rich knowledge he can gain and how it could be a good addition to his resume, Jurick started his goal of paving the way to his Australian dream.

Apart from having an internationally recognized qualification, a student visa can allow Jurick to gain extra points to qualify for Permanent Resident Application or apply for a Work permit as the Australian government allows students to work while completing their program.

Jurick came across The Visa Center online and started his application despite all odds. And despite the world coming into a great unpredictability because of the pandemic, Jurick’s prayers has been answered when he received a surprise video call from The Visa Center last February 9.

“To anyone who is unsure of their decision, remember this: If you want something you never had, you have to do something you've never done. Your future depends on your decision,” said Jurick.

Watch The Visa Center’s surprise video announcement of his granted visa HERE.

Jurick is very grateful for the optimistic and hands-on approach The Visa Center has offered him.

“Ang galing ng mga agent, very helpful and positive. Napaka-attentive sa lahat ng mga concerns and very 100% legit na agency. I will never be ashamed to refer anyone of my friends in The Visa Center,” shared Jurick.

Jurick will be starting his Marketing and Communication Program in an international school in Brisbane, Australia this coming June.

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