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Canada - 429,000 jobs unfulfilled in the second quarter of 2019

Canadian business association calls the federal government to proactively address the labor shortages as the job vacancy rate has maintained its high record. For at least four months of the second quarter of 2019, there are 429,000 positions went unfulfilled. While a steep rate of job vacancy can be a sign of economic progress, the chief economist will not allow this to be an obstacle to business success. They are seeing a strong pressure to increase wages in those firms that had vacant positions.

Vacancies by Province: 1. Quebec -166,000 unfulfilled jobs 2. British Columbia -74,700 unfulfilled jobs 3. Ontario -169,900 unfulfilled jobs 4. New Brunswick -7,400 unfulfilled jobs 5. Manitoba -11,500 unfulfilled jobs 6. Nova Scotia -7,100 unfulfilled jobs 7. Prince Edward Island -1,000 unfulfilled jobs 8. Saskatchewan -7,400 unfulfilled jobs 9. Newfoundland and Labrador -3,000 unfulfilled jobs 10. Alberta -31,300 unfulfilled jobs

Variations by Industry: 1. Personal services industry - 4.9% vacancy rate

2. Construction -4.8% vacancy rate

3. Hospitality -3.8% vacancy rate

4. Agriculture, enterprise, management, professional services, and health services -3.4% vacancy rate

5. Information sector -2.1% vacancy rate

Canadian Immigration Program for Labor Markets: Express entry - Federal Skilled Worker Program

- Canadian Federal skilled trades class

- Canadian Experience Class

Provincial Nominee Programs:

British Columbia

- B. C. Provincial Nominee Program Tech Pilot

Atlantic Canada Immigration

- Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Rural and Northern Immigration

- Rural and Northern immigration Pilot

Manitoba - has developed a system tied to Express Entry.

- Modern Community Driven Initiative

Quebec - has its own immigration system outside Express Entry.

- Quebec Skilled Worker Program

- Quebec Investor Program

- Quebec Entrepreneur Program

- Quebec Self-Employed Person Program

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