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F&B Supervisor from UAE begins life anew in Brisbane, Australia

A Journey from Al Ain, UAE to Brisbane, Australia

Another inspiring story of Mr. Ariel Salonga a 27- year old, vocational graduate, F & B

professional, typical OFW with extraordinary dream and a loving husband to his

beautiful wife. He was a F&B Supervisor in a restaurant located in Al Ain, UAE while his wife is a nurse in a hospital here in Dubai. It has been a great opportunity for him to be able to have a good career in a country he embraced as his second home but

sometimes unexpected things are meant to happen that may lead you to a better one.

He lost his job last February 2019 due to his company’s economic struggle. On that day

he almost gave up but because of his family and dreams he was motivated to do more

over these struggles. He then started his Australian journey through The Visa Center,

March 10, 2019. He positively complied his requirements as fast as he could, April 3,

2019 TVC lodged his visa application and after 8 days April 11, 2019 his visa was

granted. This Kampampangan pride is truly inspiring and an epitome of a true blooded

Filipino that is known to never give up on their dreams despite of any challenges that

comes along the way. Ariel proves that through hard work, prayers and choosing the

right people that surrounds you nothing is impossible just keep your faith. At the

moment he is currently residing and studying in Brisbane, Australia, living his dreams

and enjoying the opportunities and privilege that this first- world country has to offer.

Let us read it from him:

“I am genuinely grateful and astonished with all the blessings I am receiving from our

Lord right now. I felt that he planned my journey well that right now I couldn’t ask for

more. In just 8 days after I landed in Australia I immediately got a part time job since

students are only allowed to work. From that day onwards blessings and opportunities

can’t stop pouring eventually got a job offer to work as a cook in a hotel and my boss

has expressed his intentions of hiring me fulltime as soon as I have finished my studies.

I only have classes during Mondays & Tuesdays 9am to 3pm only. As a cook part timer I am earning $20 AUD/ hour weekdays and $25 AUD/ hour on weekends and was

privileged to handle 30 to 50 people per function. Apart from that every Sunday I also

have a gardening job which I am earning 20AUD per hour just to clean the flowers and

cut grasses for just 2 hours only. Also I have sidelines as a painting artist which I can

sell my art piece for $80- $100 AUD I also buy and sell bikes which I can earn minimum

net of $140 per bicycle. I was able to handle and provide good income for me to sustain

my daily living and save at the same time. My $1500 AUD pocket money when I got

here is still complete since I am earning decent amount from my part time jobs. I am

overwhelmed, I couldn’t be thankful enough. The Visa Center especially the CEO, Mr

Lorenzo Dizon, has been a blessing to me and an instrument for me to be able to reach

this once in a lifetime experience that will definitely improve my future. They have

guided me since the day I decided to seek their assistance until now that I’m already

here in Australia they never hesitate to go beyond their obligations to me as long as

they could assure the harmony on my current status. They never gave up to me even if I

myself almost doubted this journey. They did not leave me all throughout the

application. Above all I am humbled and thankful to our Lord Jesus for this wonderful

moment. Rest assured I will not waste every single opportunity he has given to me. I am

sharing my story not to gain fame but to inspire more people especially our Kabayans to

never stop dreaming in believe in yourself. There are still good people that could help

you achieve it like “The Visa Center”. If I have listened to other people way back when I

was in Al Ain that I am a hopeless case and that I could not apply for a student visa

because I am just holding a visit visa during that time but I did not give up on my

dreams instead I find the right people that could advice me properly and genuinely and

that is the amazing team of THE VISA CENTER”

You can watch Ariel’s story here: or you can visit it on Facebook at

The Visa Center is located at 101 NBQ Building, Bank Street, Bur Dubai, Dubai UAE, their office timings

11am-8pm daily. Landline number is 04-331-0006.


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