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How to plan your departure to Australia

As a visa applicant, probably the best feeling in the world is receiving your approved visa. Realizing you are accepted to study in Australia. But before you can finally step into another endeavor with your chosen country, here are some practical tips to consider for your departure.

1. Passport and Visa - Check your passport validity at least months prior to your entry arrival. Make copies of your passport, just in case you lost it. 2. Student enrollment and orientation documents - Electronic confirmation of your Enrollment (eCoe) and student information pack from your institution. 3. Overseas Student Health Cover - One of the necessities for your entry to Australia, make sure you prepare this before leaving home. 4. Travel Insurance - Covers canceled a flight, dental or optical care, lost documents and etc. Your OSHC may not cover these things. 5. Airfares - Make sure you are aware of the date and time of your flight, secure your passport and visa in a safe place. 6. Contact Details - Have a list of your emergency contact details like your family, embassy, accommodation, institution, including your education agent. 7. Australian Currency - It is recommended to have some Australian currency on you prior to leaving your home country. 8. Transport from the Airport - It is important that you have all the details of the route to your accommodation and institution, bring a map if you need to or print one. 9. Accommodation Details - Complete address of your accommodation and their contact number.

Customs and Border Protection

Drugs you cannot bring:

- Marijuana,

- Cannabis,

- Heroin,

- Cocaine


Items you must declare upon your arrival:

- Firearm and ammunition

- some medicines

- currency amounts if more than AU$10,000 (or foreign equivalent)

Dept. of Agriculture and Water Resources

They are responsible for protecting Australia’s unique environment and agricultural industries from unwanted pests and diseases by regulating imported products including certain food, plant material, and animal items. Check Australia's biosecurity requirements first and to know precisely which products may be bought.

To in-depth knowledge on how to apply for a Student Visa in Australia, feel free to set an appointment with our friendly consultants.

Head Office:

The Visa Center located at 101 NBQ Building, Bank Street, Bur Dubai, Dubai UAE. Office timings are from 11:00 am – 8:00 pm daily. TVC’s landline number is 04-331-0006. Their Facebook page is: The Visa Center.

Abu Dhabi:

823 Al Ghaith Tower, Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi UAE.

Office timings: 11am-8pm / 02-508-9066


2nd Floor JFG Bldg., San Juan South, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Office Timings: 9am-6pm / +63917-156-2521


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