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More Filipinos based in UAE aiming to move to Australia

For many Filipinos around the world, the main reason for their migration towards the countries they currently stay in is employment. The UAE isn’t any different as this has been a land for better career opportunities for many Filipinos as they gain international experience.

Recently, more and more Filipinos have thought about further advancements for their security and stability in life. And apart from those who have already planned out their lives to stay for good in the Philippines with their business for instance, other Filipinos are exploring the possibility of an entirely new journey through permanent migration in other countries, particularly at Australia as it is among the countries that offer a permanent residence visa that allows an individual to work, study, and live permanently in their country and later on can apply for citizenship.

Migration Considerations

A report from The Visa Center, one of the most trusted Visa and Migration experts in the UAE, shares that among the factors that contribute to Australia as a desirable destination for migration include its culture, high salary, economic stability, career opportunities, excellent education system, permanent residency, and citizenship.

Australia’s permanent residents could have the benefits of healthcare entitlements like health insurance, free education to children below 18 years, partners may also search for employment opportunities and apply for Australian citizenship after residing with a PR visa for 3 years.


While many dream of doing the big move, there are also several who are hesitant to do so due to a variety of concerns including the ‘complicated’ process, the need for a big amount of proof of funds, IELTS/PTE as a must and more. However, experts from The Visa Center clarify that these are just misconceptions that are causing Filipinos to delay their plans.

“The truth is, lack of information is the main reason for hesitation in moving to Australia. There are programs to choose from and options for your qualifications. All you need is to seek help and assistance with expert and trusted migration consultancy which you can rely on diligence documentation and processing of your application,” said the company in a statement.

Success stories

Earlier, The Filipino Times already run stories of a Kampampangan OFW chef who began a new journey at Brisbane, as well as a Filipina accountant who has fulfilled her dream of living in Perth. These stories shared how The Visa Center became instrumental in providing resettlement solutions to professionals with complete transparency.

Their CEO & Head of Processing Dept., Mr. Lorenzo Dizon, has more than 17 years of extensive hands-on experience in Australia and Canada visa application, documentation, and submission with a high-rate of success.

The Visa Center is also currently offering free assessment to know the eligibility and the most suitable visa for an individual. Individuals can also get to know more about how no IELTS and show money will work on their application.

Filipinos in the UAE who wish to undergo a FREE consultation and assessment to know the process can contact The Visa Center located at 101 NBQ Bldg, Bank St., Bur Dubai UAE or call 04-331-0006 or visit Abu Dhabi branch at 823 Al Ghaith Tower, Hamdan St.,  Abu Dhabi UAE and dial 02-508-9066.

Office timings are from 11:00 am-08:00 pm daily. Visit our facebook page @TheVisaCenter, for more information.


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