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New Brunswick - Calling for Immigration Increase for the Next Five Years

Because of its aging population, the New Brunswick government is calling to significantly increase its immigrants to address the social and economic challenges proactively. Their working-age population is too small to occupy the vacant jobs. They are eyeing to have 7,500 migrants by 2024, which will double the current number of immigrants settling in the province. The population growth is very crucial to the future success of the said province. It is expected to have 120,000 available jobs for the next ten years in New Brunswick, which will be filled by the immigrants. The New Brunswick declining birth rates will worsen the situation if they do not increase the number of immigrants for the next five years.

Strategy increasing Immigration

- New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)

- Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The New Brunswick government is very confident they will achieve the 7,500 migrants. The time frame will allow the province to prepare for the support system that would help the communities to welcome and assist the newcomers properly.

Plan of Action

- Attract a skilled workforce that aligns with New Brunswick's labor market needs.

- Recruit entrepreneurs that encourage sustainable economic growth

- Create an environment where newcomers and their families can settle and succeed.

- Engage communities to foster a more diverse and welcoming province.

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