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NSW - Additional Selection Criteria for Skilled Candidates

New South Wales is undoubtedly one of the attractive destinations for skilled migrants. To ensure that the government will be appealing for highly skilled workers, NSW runs the skilled nominated migration (190) program. Under this process, New South Wales carefully selects and invites the most suitable candidates from SkillSelect to apply for NSW nomination.

You have to be a residence in NSW and have been employed for 1 year for the nominated occupation. You may have more than one employer during the 1-year employment to qualify this requirement. The employment in NSW must be in your nominated occupation and meet the Australian government of Home affairs' definition of skilled employment.

Some Requirements:

- points total, English language ability, and skilled employment

- 12 months of skilled employment in NSW will be selected

- Expression of Interest (EOI) must be accurate and up to date to where you live and skilled employment history

- demonstrate that you are eligible for the claims and information entered in your EOI with evidence

The purpose of this NSW skilled visa program is to help the economic growth, competitiveness, and productivity in New South Wales.

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