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Pinoy IT professional on changing his career path in Australia

Stepping out in your comfort zone and taking risks doesn’t mean being careless but preparing yourself for a successful change. You’ll never know what is really for you if you won’t step out for something new. Good things never come easy. And when hard times do stop you in your tracks, you need ways to push it through.

An admiring story of an IT professional has shown that targeting a better perspective now is a positive move when you consider true career fulfillment. If you are looking for opportunities to grow more and to enhance skills, there is nothing wrong with changing career before it’s too late. Deciding your strengths and weaknesses should be in harmony with focusing on the potentials that need to be improved.

Mr. David Kenneth, an IT Professional who chose to trust his instincts and follow his passion by taking a Cookery course in Australia. His family is managing their own food business in the Philippines, and he wanted to upgrade their offered products and services. “I want to be a chef someday and I think Cookery will be my pathway to achieve it.” he said. He wanted to establish his own catering business in the Philippines. He also shared that he just realized that a different industry inspires him a lot more. It will never be an easy decision to leave the work field you had comfortable with for a couple of years. On the other hand, it is fulfilling to pursue the work you long to do.

He is always vocal about being grateful to The Visa Center for helping him throughout his visa process. In an interview, he shared his experiences during his application, “I still cannot believe as it is so fascinating! I am so thankful to my visa processing officers and I appreciate their responses from the beginning. Sometimes I feel shy because I am sending late messages, but they are still responsive.” Also, he shared some tips and advice, “You have to cooperate well with the in- charged person that handling your application. If they need you to provide a certain required document, make sure to comply with it because the delay will always be on the applicant’s side”.

Filipinos and other expatriates who wish to follow David Kenneth’s footsteps towards his journey in Australia can contact The Visa Center located at 101 NBQ Bldg., Bank St., Bur Dubai UAE, or call 04-331-0006. Abu Dhabi branch is located at 823 Al Ghaith Tower Hamdan St., Abu Dhabi and call 02-508-9066. Office Timings are from 09:00am-08:00pm daily.

Watch David Kenneth’s video interview at The Visa Center’s official Facebook page:

Earlier, The Filipino Times already ran stories of a Kampampangan OFW chef who began a new journey at Brisbane, and Pinay nurse will begin her new journey in Canada as well as a Filipina accountant who has fulfilled her dream of living in Perth. These stories shared how The Visa Center became instrumental in providing resettlement solutions to professionals with complete transparency.


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