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Toronto - Immigration Program addresses needs of more than 80,000 tech jobs

Toronto placed third following San Francisco Bay at the highest spot and Seattle came in second in the overall rankings. It was also named the top city overall in terms of "brain gain" adding 80,100 tech jobs in 2013. Toronto's huge number of tech talents continues to grow tremendously, of all 50 markets measured adding 80,100 tech jobs in the past years, a 54-percent increase. Other Canadian Cities were also doing well like Vancouver, Montreal and Canada's Capital Ottawa.

Immigration Program for growing tech needs The current labor shortages of IT Talents urges Canada's Federal government and other provinces to step up their immigration programs in response. This growth has produced calls to improved International access.

Express Entry Top three most common occupations in 2018 1. Software engineers and designers 2. Information system analysts and consultants 3. Computer programmers and interactive media developers

Provincial Nominee - Ontario Immigration Nominee Program - Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program - Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program - British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

Global Talent Stream Occupations covered include: 1. Computer engineers 2. Computer programmers 3. Software engineers and designers 4. Web designers and developers

Both tech company and highly skilled foreign tech workers can take advantage of this stream. It gives the Canadian company to access temporary tech workers in eligible occupations quickly. More than 24,000 temporary foreign employees have been hired through Global Talent Stream since 2017.

For more details and to find out if you are eligible in any of the Immigration Program, feel free to set an appointment with our friendly consultants.

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