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Working while learning in New Zealand is good to gain experience and support your studies

Benefits of part-time work

Most of the students prefer to work in their leisure time to earn some money for daily expenses, tuition fees and savings. It could be a way for you to learn how to manage your time and your school obligations. Some of the benefits of working while studying in New Zealand is the opportunity for you to have an access to different companies that need your expertise, meet local people and even from different parts of the globe, develop your English communication if it's not your native language, interpersonal skills, and teamwork.

Finding Work Opportunities

Some institutions offer assistance for students to understand job-related skills like learning how to write a CV and preparing for an interview. It will also help if you have a written letter from your work experience in your country, that can be shown to your new potential employer in New Zealand.

These are some of the part-time jobs you can find which is an excellent way for you to gain new experience and is a great addition to your CV. - teaching - tutoring - carrying out administration duties - seasonal work can be a practical way to earn during holidays - paid internship and carrying out voluntary work

- F&B crews

- IT specialists

Employment Rights

- International students have the same legal minimum rights and entitlements (be paid at least minimum wage, paid annual and public holidays, and rest breaks) - 20 hours work during term time - Full-time during scheduled holidays - Masters by research or PhD student may work full-time

For in-depth knowledge about your eligibility to apply as a student in New Zealand, feel free to set an appointment with our friendly consultants.


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