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More than 20 years of hands-on experience on visa applications for CANADA & AUSTRALIA.

Visa Center is a team of relocation professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the immigration industry; a team that has successfully disposed of resettlement solutions to satisfied clients. We have first-hand experience with relocating clients to countries such as Canada and Australia and other locations.

At Visa Center, our immigration consultants have carved a niche for ourselves by providing resettlement solutions to professionals in skilled-worker categories. Furthermore, we specialize in the field of immigration and resettlement for our clients by securing their immigrant visas and study permits. We are currently operating in   in Dubai and Philippines. We are a dynamic team of professionals with core experience in giving our clients the personal, specialized care and attention they deserve.


At The Visa Center, we have set ourselves apart from other immigration consultants as our code of conduct and ethics are underlined by complete transparency and are strictly adhered to by our result-oriented team.

At The Visa Center, we take legal matters seriously. That's why we have a dedicated lawyer on our team, ensuring that our operations meet the highest standards of compliance and protection. With their expertise, we confidently navigate legal complexities, safeguarding the interests of our clients and maintaining the utmost professionalism


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Founder and CEO

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MARA Registered Australian Immigration Consultant


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