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How to save money while studying in Australia

So you're excited to finally embark on a new journey in Australia as a student. You've researched how to instantly get your student visa and can't wait to move. But before you finally pack your bag and fly to Australia. You might want to consider how to maximize your stay and be in a budget at the same time. We carefully gather some of the tested and possible ways you can try.

List of some practical tips for you to save while studying in Australia:

1. WEEKLY BUDGET PLAN - This is one great way for you to keep track of your spending, set a clear amount that you want to spend for a week. Be specific in allocating money like food, transportation, household needs, and entertainment. In this way, it is easy for you to evaluate and adjust if necessary.

2. FOOD - If you are staying with other students you have available access to a kitchen which allows you to cook with your roommates. A considerable way to save instead of cooking alone each meal of the day. This is a good bonding. You can try taking turns every other day.

3. SHOP - Fruits and vegetables are much cheaper in Local Market than Supermarket. They are doing a special price when it's close to ending to avoid throwing the products.

4. TRANSPORTATION - Take advantage of trains, buses, light rails or ferries as they are budget-friendly. Check if there are available specials for students. This is also ideal for you to learn to navigate your new hometown.

5. PART-TIME JOB - Being an international student gives you the privilege to study 20 hours weekly. There are several part-time works available like a barista or a server will give you additional money on your pocket.

6. BOOKS - You do not have to purchase new books all the time. Most of the schools have a process on how to buy and sell used textbooks usually Via a Facebook group like the "Bond Textbook Exchange."

7. STUDENT ID - Always carry your Student ID with you, you never when you can use it. You want to take advantage of every opportunity you can use it for student special discounts. Don't hesitate to as if they have a student deal in a cafe, restaurant, cinemas, sports, museums, and transportation.

Studying in one of the worlds highly urbanized countries in the world would surely be fun and memorable. Now, you have plenty of practical ways for you to save while studying and exploring their famous attractions.

If you want to know how to start your journey as a student in Australia, feel free to ask our friendly consultants about the best options available for you.

The Visa Center located at 101 NBQ Building, Bank Street, Bur Dubai, Dubai UAE. Office timings are from 11:00 am – 8:00 pm daily. TVC’s landline number is 04-331-0006. Their Facebook page is: The Visa Center.


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