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Journey of Egyptian chef in heading to Australia from Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates is home to 200 nationalities, and most of the expatriates are residing in either Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Around a million Filipinos chose to gain experience by working and living in UAE and calling as their “second home.” In addition, there are high numbers of Egyptians living in UAE, forming the largest community of non-citizens from the Arab worlds in UAE.

Nowadays, not just Filipinos are eyeing for the advancement of career and profession. Many expatriates are aiming for a new journey and opportunity to migrate to another country like Canada and Australia. One such UAE expatriate is Mr. Michael Shenouda, an Egyptian national who went to UAE in 2015 and blessed with an opportunity to work in one of the biggest telecommunication companies.

His passion for learning and cooking led him to search for the best countries to study as an International student. He shared that since then, he’s interested in studying in Australia, but he has a lack of knowledge about the processes.

On finding the right path

Over the last few months of figuring out which way to follow, Mr. Michael had discovered what meant for him. He chose to attend the program Certificates III and IV in Commercial Cookery and Diploma of Hospitality Management in Australia as this will undoubtedly enhance his cooking skills. Mr. Michael shared, “I used to feel that if only I knew more, I would be able to make a better decision about my plans of migrating to Australia,” he said. “That’s why when I saw The Visa Center on Facebook, I did not hesitate to call the number there, and luckily they have informed me on the upcoming event on free migration consultation in Abu Dhabi,” he added. He told us that he couldn’t contain the excitement at that time as finally, all of his questions will have an answer.

Grab the opportunity

The event of TVC held in Abu Dhabi for a free consultation had opened doors for all the personal queries of Filipinos, and other expatriates about migration in Canada and Australia. Mr. Michael was one of the attendees of the event and there, he shared his story with one of TVC’s migration consultants and how he came up with the plans of migrating to Australia.

Trusting The Visa Center

“I have never doubted The Visa Center as Filipinos are very hard-working and trusted,” Mr. Michael said. He also expressed how grateful he is to Mr. Lorenzo Dizon, one of the owners of TVC and the team for their guidance on the compliance of the documents.

His full cooperation with the TVC team led towards a fast visa approval within just 14 days following submission of the required documents. He was delighted with the quality service that TVC provided. He is persuading his fellow expatriates to start to book for their consultation and begin a new life in Australia or Canada.

Although for some people, finding the right decision might require the journey of a lifetime, but there is one direction in which all individuals are all meant to go: forward.

Earlier, The Filipino Times already ran stories of a Kampampangan OFW chef who began a new journey at Brisbane, as well as a Filipina accountant who has fulfilled her dream of living in Perth. These stories shared how The Visa Center became instrumental in providing resettlement solutions to professionals with complete transparency.

Filipinos and other expatriates who wish to follow Mr. Michel’s footsteps towards his journey in Australia can contact The Visa Center located at 101 NBQ Bldg, Bank St, Bur Dubai UAE, or call 04-331-0006. Abu Dhabi branch is located at 823 AL Ghaith Tower Hamdan St. Abu Dhabi and call 02-508-9066. Office Timings are from 09:00am-08:00pm daily.

Watch Mr. Michael Shenouda’s journey at The Visa Center’s official Facebook page:


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