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Nova Scotia continues accepting more immigrants for 2019

As one of the most desired destinations for immigrants, Nova Scotia is still wide open for more who are willing to consider Canada as their home. The province is one of the three Canadian Maritime located in the north Atlantic coast of North America. It is prominent for its high tides, fish, lobster, apples, and blueberries.

Following last year's high figure of the permanent residents, Nova Scotia still expresses the need to increase the number of immigrants due to its aging labor force.

The aspiring immigrants have varieties of streams they can consider to apply to eventually become a migrant.

Nova Scotia has three enhanced Streams but before you request you must first enter a profile in the federal Express Entry pool. Here are the enhanced streams Scotia Demand, Scotia Experience, and Scotia Labor Market Priorities.

Base Streams: - Skilled Worker Stream - Occupations in Demand Stream - Physician Stream

Under the Base Streams are those skilled laborers, in-demand occupation workers and Physician train abroad who could be nominated outside the Express Entry System.

Entrepreneur stream and International Graduate Entrepreneur stream are for those who want to launch their own business in Nova Scotia. This will persuade business-minded students who are looking for a suitable venue to start and be a resident in the future.

Lastly, Nova Scotia participates in AIP (Atlantic Immigration Pilot) which will give chance to the immigrants to fill in the vacant job if they are eligible. They are expecting to entice more people who would like to stay.

For in-depth knowledge about the eligibility for any of your desired Stream, feel free to set an appointment with our friendly consultants..


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