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Canada eyeing the use of smartphone app to track the spread of COVID-19

To enhance their contact tracing capacity of who might be infected with COVID-19, Canadian health officials are eyeing to capitalize on their advanced technology.

Contact tracing involves determining who’s recently been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, monitoring those contacts for the potential need for testing and self-isolating and monitoring them for symptoms. It’s vital in stopping an uncontrolled outbreak in a community like that of COVID-19.

Cell phone location data is the primary key to make it possible. This method has been put to use by countries such as Singapore, but it also raises questions about privacy. Currently, the health officials are still deliberating whether to push through with the use of app creation.

Canada serves as a home to several experts and innovators which is why it is not surprising if they come up with an app at once.

While they are still considering the judiciary facets of utilizing individual smartphone location to track possible spread of the virus, they are convinced that the said technological move can play an important role in containing the spread.

Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer said in an interview with the press that “there are many, many innovators with lots of different ideas, so we are pulling together a group among the provinces and territories to gauge interest.”

Canada has been impressively handling the COVID-19 pandemic, being one of the few countries to announce subsidy not only for indigenous people, homeless individuals, those living in the shelters, but also announced support for businesses.

Throughout the past weeks, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been updating his citizens every day of the support and actions that the Canadian government has been taking and doing to assist their needs amidst this pandemic.

Yesterday, PM Trudeau has announced at least $40,000 allowable and interest-free loan for small businesses to help them keep up with their expenses.

They have also recently announced that they will allow student visa holders to take up their programs online and finish 50% of it outside Canada. This time would still be counted towards Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWP) eligibility.

These subsequent great news from Canada might be the very reason why many individuals are still opting to process their migration despite the COVID-19 disruption. Read: Many Filipinos are gearing up for their future, opting to migrate amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

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